Converting my old USDTV receiver into an regular OTA broadcast receiver

I have an leftover USDTV OTA digital/HD broadcast receiver. Since USDTV has gone out of business, I have found out that my box can be reprogrammed & converted into a regular OTA receiver:

Unfortunately, the above post’s instructions require a Linux PC. Is there any way to do this on a Windows XP SP3 Machine? Maybe if I were to download a Linux emulator for XP?
Any thoughts?


This may be the way to do this with Windows.
I found this in the comments posted in your link.
This is the link for further information & files & folders to download:

This is the Readme form the Windows download:
**** This update is only for unit that currently receiver an FTA signal. If you still have a subscription unit,
you need to get the software to update it to FTA. One location is see the
USDTV-2.7.15-FTZ.tgz. ******

Download the .zip file of the version you want to use (it will contain the usdigital_update.bin file).

Format a USB stick using Windows (XP was used to test, but should not matter):

  • File system: FAT32
  • Allocation unit size: Default allocation size
  • Volumen label:

Copy the usdigital_update.bin to the USB stick just formatted. The file name must be spelled
exactly “usdigital_update.bin”.

Plugin the USB into the back of the Hisense USD box.

Unplug power to the unit.

Plug power back in for the unit.

Wait. Will get a blue screen:

“Installing update. Please do not unplug youre reciever until this process is complete.”

NOTE: This takes around 10 minutes. Don’t freak out if it takes a long time.

When it is finished, it will tell you to remove the USB stick and press ‘OK’.

After you use the remote to press ‘OK’, the box will reboot.

It should be in the off state after the reboot. Turn on the box.

I don’t have this unit.I just found it interesting.I also don’t have linux.I do have a linux type disc called TRK & I don’t know if it would be possible to do the linux way from that disc.My linux knowlege is limited.
7-zip will open these files & let you extract them.

Many thnx, Cholla!
I’ll give it a try.
It may take some time b4 I get a chance, but thanx for the quick response!