Converting my mp4 to DVD.. having issues

It allows me to select the movie, convert the movie, and burn the movies. Everything completes, with no errors (to my knowledge) although… . . none of my dvd players play the dvd. Not even my computer. “Says I need a special codec?” It is almost like there isn’t anything on the dvd itself… The Audio folder is empty, and only 2-5 files in the video. And non are able to be played/ran. But… . the size/space used on the CD is the size that it should be.

What is this problem? any help would be appreicated.

I’m not quite sure how I show you my log… or any of that buisness… or I would :stuck_out_tongue: thanks in advance.


You can find your VSO Software log files in this directory:

C:\Documents and Settings[USERNAME]\Application Data\Vso

Then copy us the whole session for that conversion

*** Ends Here ***

*** Starts Here ***

Here’s a quick guide to read: