Converting multiple .avi's to one dvd vid



i have 17 episodes (~4GB), all in xvid format, and i was wondering if there is a quick n dirty way to put them all onto a dvd, and watch with my standalone player? i guess i could converge them as 1 file, then convert to dvd (dvdsanta), but it would be nice to make each ep. a chapter.



i use a program called divxtodvd which is still in its alpha stage of testing so is still free, it can convert avi to dvd, however when you convert them you will see an increase in size of the file as the dvd format is based upon the mpeg2 format, which isn’t as good at compression as avi files. This means that your 4gig of files will need a second disc. One way of doing it is to convert them all to dvd, and buy a program where you can make menus and link each file to the menu, bingo. However has anyone got a suggestion for software that could be used, can’t say i’ve ever really tried?