Converting muliple vcd to dvd

I have dramas on two or three vcds and I would like them to convert to a single dvd. I have Nero 8. The complicating problem is they have used the same file names on each vcd. I have tried to change the names but wound up creating junk. I will appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance

You should be able to import each video into Nero Vision and create a dvd with a menu to select the one you want to play. Don’t try to cram more than 2 1/2 hrs of video onto one single layer dvd though. If you need more than that on the disk, you should use double layer dvds (Verbatim brand only), and set the output in Nero to DVD-9, rather than the default DVD-5 size.

Are the vcds on disks, or have you already ripped them to the hard drive? Renaming the file once it is on the hard drive should not adversely affect the video, as long as you use the same file extension.