Converting .mpg to DVD

Hello to Everyone,

I just got the NEC ND-2510A DVD recorder last week and inistalled it on my Dell dimension 8250. This is the first DVD recorder that I have ever owned and I am trying to convert downloaded movies ex. Shrek 2 onto DVD from the downloaded .mpg format.

I have tried using TMPGEnc 3 Xpress and usually get an error that states “There is no quoted number of Character-string ‘%.2f’.” I was wondering if anyone has seen this before and can tell me how to, if possible, to correct this. I have also tried using Nero and it won’t open most of the movies I have downloaded.

If there is a better program available also please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Hi mikebone, there is a program called Super DVD Creator, that can handle most conversions to DVD format you can find it here


Thank you very much, I downloaded the program and will give it a shot when I get home.

I have another question for everyone. My PC came with a DVD-Rom and a 32X CD-R. Which drive should I leave in the PC along with the new DVD-R. I was told that I may have configuration issues from a friend of mine if I leave in the DVD-Rom.

Thanks again in advance.

Bull. Leave whichever you want. The DVD if you’re going to be doing lots of copying, or the cd-rom if you’re playing games or using it a LOT. No point in wearing out a dvd drive unnecessarily.

Mikebone, if you have room than leave all 3 of them, I’m running my system on Raid so I can connect 4 optical devices, but at the moment I’m running a DVD burner , DVD Rom and CD Burner and they all work Ok. only the DVD Rom is set to Auto Start, so I use that to play all my CD’s and DVD’s. I only use my DVD burner to Burn DVD’s and CD’s with the CD burner.

Reboot and Coathi, Thank you very much for the response.

I have a Dell Dimension 8250 with only 2 drive bays. I just got a new 200GB HD to add to the 120GB that I have in there so I am going to pull out the CD-R drive and put the DVD-Rom back in so I can rip more efficiently. I am going to put the CD-R in my portable drive bay and have a portable CD-R :wink: .

Anyway, my original trouble was with converting downloaded .mpg movies to DVD-R format. I have been reading all of the guides that are available on Doom9 for 2 days now and I think I have immensely increased my understanding of the whole DVD-R process. I am still a bit confused with it and also very tired of making coasters in NERO 6 :frowning: . The suggestion I got from the Doom9 guide is to use DVDPatcher to change the resolution from 480 to 352. The thing is that these guides are mostly from 2002 and I was wondering if anyone had any more current solutions or knew of more current tutorials.

Again, thanks in advance for all of your help. :bow:

There’s tons of good tutorials.
First, figure out what your source material is.
If it’s DivX avi, or DV avi, then you need to encode it to dvd compliant mpeg2.
Next, figure out what format you need/want for dvdr.
If it’s 4:3 you’re set. If it’s 16:9 (widescreen) it’s even fairly easy. Any other aspect requires some work.
Start here for encoding:
Once encoded, you need to author it. (make the mpeg into the vobs and such for dvd). I prefer to use DVDLab for all my projects, others will argue about the simplicity of MyDVD and TMPGEnc DVD Author, but I find them far too limiting.
Start here:
Then you need to burn it.