Converting mpeg to mpeg2 format, need help!

ok, so i was wondering how do i go about doing this. i have searched google but i come to alot of stuff that im not familiar with and being the newbie that i am, i guess you can say im a bit lost.

mpeg2 is dvd format correct??

so, i have about 15 vids, ranging from 180MB to 600MB and i want to put them on DVD for my g/f so she can watch them on tv as she detests watching them on the laptop.

thanx guys LeMansGTi

Generally yes but not a must be. It could also be a svcd format.
Have a look at
There you’ll find the tools that you need.

Mpeg2 can be DVD compatible and from those files you can create a DVD.
Inside the final DVD you will see the image files as VOB files, not MPEG2.

Encoding from Mpeg (I suppose you talk about Mpeg1, considering the files sizes) to Mpeg 2 will not increase quality, and if your g/f player can handle VCD it would be easier to create VCDs for her to watch, saving you the encoding time.

Obviously, you can also have Mpeg4 files that size and from those you have no advantage going to Mpeg1 and VCD, and in the link given by rapid fire you can find info about what to do.

These 15vids will never fit on one disc, surely you will need at least 2 or 3.