Converting mpeg to dvix?



Posted this by mistake in the Newbie forum. I think this forum is more appropriate.

Here’s my situation. I have alot of mpeg files that I would like to convert to divx so that i can burn them onto my cd-rom and then play the files using my stand-alone tv dvd player.

I was able to do this using a program called media encoder.

The problem is that I also want to reduce the volume of the files when they play back.

For some reason, they play back very loud on my television even on the lowest volume setting.

So here’s really what I want to do:

  1. convert my mpegs files to use divx encoding
  2. reduce the audio on these converted files
  3. combine some of these new files into one

Is there a freeware program that does this type of converting? I’m having some problems with media encoder so I’m looking for something else.



What type of audio track is present in the MPEG files? PCM or DD? With DD, there shouldn’t be any issues with volume, but PCM can sometimes be a lot louder. Since you apparently own a DIVX license, any conversion program that supports it will work. But you get what you pay for, freeware included.




virtualdub can strip the audio file i believe and reduce the volume…you can also convert that mpeg w/ virtualdub to xvid/divx…its a process though

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