Converting MP3 TO WMA or cd to wma

hi, i want to convert my mp3’s to wma(then upload them to my xbox so i don’t have to burn a cd all the time) the problem is i don’t know how to convert to WMA, and since its the only audio standard xbox uses i have no other option.

Well yeah there are a few progz out there that can do that. . .Nero. . .Easy CDDA creator. . .ummm that is all i can think of now. . .but i am sure other people know of many more. . .Well this is jsut my opinion but i think WMA suckz. . .i stick to Mp3PRO. . . i think it soundz the best and even though not many playerz out there that can play the “Pro” part, it is backward compatible so the music still playz just does not sound all that good. . .but since you wanna play your music on your XBox. . i guess it is all good

Microsoft released some software called Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition, it lets you convert mp3’s to wma files, the software also comes with some other nice things and I picked a copy of this up from circuit city for $10 so it wasnt to expensive.

Convert MP3 to WMA,try Ufony at

Audio Format Conversion Features:
Input Audio/Video Formats: MP1,MP2,MP3,WAV,WMA,WMV,ASF.
Output Audio Formats: MP3(MP1/MP2),WAV,WMA.
Full decode and high-quality encode.
Conversion between different sampling rates, bits per sample, stereo/mono channels support.
Batch conversion support.
Auto-rename when save.