Converting Mp3 to play on older CD players?

I have a decent Mp3 collection, trying to burn discs to play in car cd and give to friends. So far I’ve tried converting them to APE files, to WAV files, and burning as straight MP3 files. none of these formats will play. what am I doing wrong / what format do I need? commercial tracks seem to be recorded on “CD Audio”, but I don’t see anything like an Mp3 - CDA conversion when I try to hunt down a conversion program. Any help and any suggestions on finding a free converter that works greatly appreciated. thanks.

Ah this task is very easy when you know how to do it.

I suggest you get the free trial version of Nero from

Start an AudioCD compilation (and make sure you have selected Audio CD as opposed to any other format) and then just drag the desired MP3s into it. Then burn. The MP3s will be automatically converted for playback on normal CD players.

FYI there are lots of other CD burning programs out there (free and paid) that do this as well. Nero is very popular of course.

If you need something super-easy, try using iTunes for Windows. Yeah some people don’t like Apple, but iTunes is still free, very easy to use and does what it advertises.

Do what Jucius Maximus said.
If it doesn’t work after that, it could be that your car player is old.
Older car units like some media and not others.
There’s no way to tell besides trial and error.
I burned some discs for my brother that didn’t work.
When I came across 100 count spindle that worked in his car, I set it aside and use it to make discs for him only.
They were generic CDs that I got at CUSA.
They are probably CMS.
I’ve gotten other nondescript, generic discs from CUSA that look the same but don’t work in his car.