Converting mp3 bitrates?

i have a mp3 player & was wondering if anyone knows of software to change the bitrate of a mp3 insted of having to go from mp3>wav>smaller bitrated mp3


Perhaps here some good info:

I sometimes use Mpeg Suite, lets you change bitrates, convert to wav, encode from wav etc… Available from @

Hope its useful

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Dude - If you wanna do this you can do it with LAME which happens to also be a good encoder.

Use RazorLame if you want a nice frontend for it.

Make sure you set the output directory to be different from the input one otherwise it cant do it and will give you an error (it’ll be trying to write the original file name as a .mp3 file in the same dir so will obviously have problems as the file will already be there).

Not gonna give you the best quality music but that’s not what your after - make sure you dont share these new files for distrobution with other people cause the quality will truely suck.