Converting mov & rm files

Hi. I have another problem.I converted some mov files using Boilsoft MOV converter or WinAvi converter to many other formats (like mpeg, avi, wmv), and the finished product had no sound. Very good quality video, but no sound. And I’m very sure, that the mov file had both sound and video.
And when I converted some rm videos using Boilsoft RM coverter and WinAvi converter, it was the other way around: olny audio, no video. Any idea of what might be the problem? Or some other programs I could try, that work for sure? All programs are full versions, not the trial ones.
Thanks for your help.

MOV and RM are special formats.Not every software can support them.Make sure they are all can be played.And you have install the right codec for them.Without right codec,you can’t make any successful conversion.

TMPGEnc with a MOV plugin will convert MOV files with ease. TMPGenc and plugin can be had from download section. As for RM, many friends use Tinra with its GUI with success