Converting .mov files without losing resolution


This has to do with my ongoing problem of editing .mov files in Windows.

After a few days of messing around with different programs, I’ve concluded that life would be a lot easier if I could just convert the .mov file to something that will work with Windows Movie Maker.

I’ve downloaded a few programs that will convert the .mov file but the newly converted file’s resolution (WMV) is terrible compared to the original .mov 1080 file.

Most of the programs “squish” the screen from left to right and make the images taller and skinnier than they are in the .mov file.

Can anyone please give me some direction towards a video converting program that will keep the proper aspect ratio and 1080 resolution as the .mov file had originally ?

Thank you very much for any help you can give me,


I don’t know why you want to convert to wmv, but that’s your choice. Just to get a clear starting point, check your mov file/s with something like Gspot,, to see which codec is being used. I’m betting it’s mp4 for the video. Besides Avidemux, what other programs have your tried?

Hi Whappo

The only reason I chose to convert my .mov file to WMV is because Windows Movie Maker works with that type of file. Along the line I tried AVI as well but I didn’t see much of a difference in resolution.

Do you have a recommendation as to which type of file I should use with Windows Movie Maker ?

I downloaded the program you linked to in your post. According to that program my .mov files are “acv1”. Next to that box it says, “H.264” .

Underneath that it says "Codec Status Undetermined."
Is that the information you were wondering about ? Did I do it correctly ?
Also, it says that the recommended display size is 1920X1080.

The programs I’ve used so far are :
Prism Video Converter
Aiprosoft Video Converter
ImTOO Video Converter 6 (this one takes like 2 hours to convert a 3 minute video)
I remember “Rad Video Converter” at some point
and a couple others that I have on my other computer - can’t remember their names right now.

You obviously know a whole lot more about this then I ever will. What do you think I should do ?
I like Windows Movie Maker and if possible I’d like to use that but I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Thank you,


Well, I obviously don’t know enough about this subject. There are so many codecs and containers (mov is just a container as is avi) that it’s hard to keep up. You are going to lose quality with any conversion, that’s just the nature of the beast. I still suggest giving Mpegstreamclip a try, some Mac users I know like it along with Avidemux. Another option is Format Factory,, it has a pretty simple interface, just choose Video and then all to Avi or Wmv. There are several settings you can adjust, maybe too many, so feel free to play around with them.

It seems strange the Movie Maker won’t import mov files but I don’t think iMovie does either.

Oh, you probably need Quicktime installed on your PC for Mpegstreamclip, you might already have it. Sorry I can’t be of more help but MovieMaker and mov files are not something I use. One other thing, how are you getting your movies from your camera to your hard drive?

One other thing to try just for kicks is VLC, if it can play the mov file it can convert it to wmv or avi. It might even be able to capture the video directly from your camera.

I never liked Windows Movie Maker .I played with it some when I first got Vista.
I don’t know if DVDFlick would convert .mov files but you might try it.
If it will try the Project Settings /Video/ Advanced/Copy MPEG-2 streams.
That might keep the resolution & aspect ratio the same as on the .mov file.
If it works you will have DVD compliant files.
DVDShrink could then edit these. I’m not sure about it being able to do 1080.