Converting mkv file to HD DVD to play on a Blu-Ray player

Hi Guys,

I have been hunting around the internet to find a guide for converting mkv files to HD DVD but i cant seem to find anything. Here is what I am doing:

  1. Use Blu-Ray to DVD Pro to extract the mkv files into a Blu-Ray file system (and splitting the files into DVD sizes)

  2. use TSMUX to convert the m2TS file into ISO format

  3. use Magic ISO to burn the ISO file onto multiple DVD’s (depending on the size of the m2TS file).

This all looks good in theory but my Blu-Ray player wont play it!:frowning:

Could someone please tell me where Im going wrong?:confused:


Try tsmuxer from the start. No need to use any other softwares except for burning use ImgBurn.

I tried it. It does work but I have a green bar on the bottom of the screen. any way to get rid of it and center the picture

Use the original, would save time and headaches!!!

would mutiAVCHD help with this or am I missing something?

multiavchd works, but the video is top aligned, the author is still working on this feature for non true 1980x1080 video. Its a great program otherwise, and gets rid of the green bar. Has anyone found a way to center the video from mkv files that dont have hd compliant resolution, like 1920x866 or 1920x912?