Converting Media type, + and -

Hi, I have a phillips dvdrw416 dvd burner, and have recently purchased red datawrite dvds from ebay. Unfortunatly I have found out they are negative dvds, and my dvd writer is to burn possitive, so they’re not compatable. Can I convert these negative dvds to possitive so it can be comptable? My dvd drive can read them to be dvds. If this is not plausable, could someone inform me asap. If thats the case, anyone want to trade minus dvds for possitive dvds, I dont know the correct term, i’d appreciate any help, :bow: thanks!!

Hi and welcome to the forum. Unfortunatly, you cannot convert your dvds. They are minus, and there isn’t anyway to change that. There are many dual format burners available, for example the liteon-812s. It support both dvd+/- at 8x. Only dual format burners can burn to + and - media. Can’t you just return the dvds to where you bought them and get +?