Converting many MP3s with only one pass




I have thousands of MP3 track stored in a folder named MP3, which contains subfolders with the corresponding name of the artist it contains (for say ‘Alan Parson’, ATB’, etc). Each of them also contains many subfolders to include the artist’s numerous albums. I really need a program to convert all my MP3s to a lower bit rate with a single pass (i.e. not to select every album) and save them to another location, or overwrite to existing files.

Any program do you recommend?




Media Monkey free edition.


converting exsisting mp3 files to a lower bitrate is bound to end poorly for quality…

might I ask why you want/need to do this?



Thanks Mr. Belvedere!

Great, Media Monkey did the right job. !!!

->> foobar2000 can’t overwrite existing file when reading from it. I must store converted files into another location using %path% formatting option which results in duplicate file extensions. Also it cannot use LAME for encoding 128kbps CBR. I changed LAME source code for that purpose, now LAME always encode in CBR…

And finally I know about degradation, but I’d like to have all my files stored in 128kbps CBR


Glad MM worked out for you!..I use it myself, occasionally…However, just to clarify your foobar2k “[B]cannot use LAME for encoding 128kbps CBR[/B]” comment , and not that I use that setting myself (I prefer VBR), but it’ll encode to whatever parameters command line you prefer… i.e -b 128, -b 320 etc…
And finally, glad to hear you don’t mind the “degradation” as AD pointed out “converting existing mp3 files to a lower bitrate is bound to end poorly for quality”…But, if you’re happy, nuffff said!!


How can I set LAME parameteres (e.g. -b 128) from foobar2000?


[QUOTE=Arsha;2524983]How can I set LAME parameteres (e.g. -b 128) from foobar2000?[/QUOTE]

In Preferences>tools> converter>output formats, and add new choose ‘Custom’ encoder and type in parameters in command line…That’s the beauty(IMHO) of f2k, you can use custom settings, choose different Lame version(s), use various encoders eg. flac, aac(nero), aac(quicktime) and so on…
You can also access converter preferences by right-clicking your file(s)>convert and choosing anything other than [last used]…