Converting LPs to MP3s - connection issues



I have a digital turntable (the brand is Stanton) which claims to be able to allow you to connect directly from the turntable (which has a digital-out connection - which looks to be an RCA-type connection) to your PC’s soundcard (without the need of running it through a stereo amplifier). They say a “s/p dif” cable is required for this connection. S/p dif, i have found out, stands for Sony/Philips Digital Interface. This cable, which is made by Monster, among others, has RCA connections which arent supported by my PCs “mini” line-in connection. I cant find an adaptor to make this work. What is different about s/p dif cables as compared to a cable that is not s/p dif? would a non s/p dif cable work? any suggestions on how i can get this to work? I have used a non s/p dif cable to make the connection, but it still doesnt work (i.e. I cannot get LP to record). The Stanton manufacturer/technical assistance people will not respond to me. Could it be a lack of proper software that is keeping this from working?


SPDIF cables are no different from RCA rest asssured. The output of your turntable MUST BE CONNECTED TO YOUR SOUNDCARD’s SPDIF INPUT! (Most cards only feature output - double check this) If the connection has been made, make sure on the soundcard, that the DIGITAL INPUT is the one set to be recorded.