Converting Live Music DVDs and Burning

I’m not sure if this is the right tread for this but maybe someone can help, I like to convert the audio from music dvds into wave files and burn. Most of my music dvds are live like Eric Clapton, Cream, U2 etc. and I own a program called DVD Audio Ripper which does the converting. I downloaded another program as free trial that I liked better (DVD Audio Extractor) but got busy at Xmas and didn’t get to compare the programs much. My DVD Audio Ripper runs into some newer music dvds it can’t handle (higher bit rate) so that’s why I’m interested in the other program. My question is should all programs like this handle extractions the same when it comes to live dvds? When you extract songs from a live music dvd and burn them does it all fall on the burner to leave as little space between songs as possible or could you see some extractor programs doing this better than others allowing the transition of song to song go more smoothly? I use mainly use Nero and make sure it’s set to no gap between songs and sometimes the live songs blend together smoothly and you can hardly tell they are spliced together. Other times the stop and start of the applause from one song to another is so abrubt and noticeable. Keep in mind I’m talking about live concerts where there’s applause at the beginning and end of each song. I know you can fade in and fade out but even then isn’t always smooth. Anyway do think it’s just the different in music dvds, the dvd audio extractor program or the burner that accounts for some converted music dvds blending together smoothly and others more noticeable with applause at the beginning and ending of songs? I hope what I’m trying to say makes sense.