Converting Linear PCM soundtrack to iPod

I apologize for the duplicate post but I think I may have asked this question in the wrong forum.

I am trying to convert a couple of old DVDs (Now that’s What I Call Music DVD and Madonna: the Videos 93-99) to ipod MPEG-4 video files. The only sound track option on these disks is Linear PCM.

The resulting video files appear to have the sound and video out of synch. The video “stutters” and the music is in “slow motion”.

Has anyone else had this problem?


I also have some DVD sample, which also have LPCM audio track, I have test this sample, no problem.
I don’t know the what the format of your LPCM audio track, I think maybe it is some error for parser this track, which cause the bad result.

Could provide me a small sample ? like a chapter for me, I will try to test it. if you can upload sample to me, please PM me.


I have a sample file.

I tried converting the Madonna DVD too. The PCM track is the only audio available. I have pretty much the same issue. In my case, the H.264 video is fine. the audio stutters and is in slow motion.

I have posted both an ISO file and an MP4 file.

hi, SPHinTampa

I have got your sample, thanks very much.

I will fix this problem and release in the next beta.

I have been experiencing the same problem from the previous version of In my case, in addtion to stuttering, in some of DVDs I can’t hear any audio channel after converting M4V for IPod Touch. Now I use DVDfab to remove protect and to conver to MP4, use Hand Brake, however it’s troublesome task.

I really hope Fang Tao to fix this problem in the next version.

Thank you.