Converting Karaoke (BIN) to DIVX

Hi Folks,
I need help to convert Karaoke bin files to DIVX.

I have converted CDG/MP3 files to Bin files, using MP3-GToolz.

I cant seem to locate a free version of CDRWin, so I read a post on here that says use Blindwrite. I found a copy of that but I am not able to understand how to convert the bin files using that program. I need to convert the bin files to Divx, how do i do that please.
If I am using the wrong convertion tools can someone let me know the correct way please.

I don’t know why you would need Blindwrite. Have you tried just mounting the bin file with Daemon Tools and extracting the file/s?

Hi Whappo, What is ‘mounting’ ? and what is Daemon Tools…Remember i dont know much about all this converting, but thanks for trying to help me…I will watch for your reply. Regards…John

Maybe I should try and look things up on Google before showing what a dunce i am…This is what I found
An advanced application for Microsoft Windows which provides one of the best optical media emulation in the industry. DAEMON Tools enables you to convert your physical CD/DVD discs into “virtual discs” so called “images”. It also emulated up to 4 virtual CD/DVD drives, so you can mount (insert) and unmount (eject) images.*

Going to try and download the prog and see what i can do.

Ok, I have the prog Daemon Tools Lite, now it seems that I need an idiots list so that I can use it. It should be relatively simple but all i get after downloading to CD is music and no words. Inserting a DVD gives me an error message saying i am using the wrong media, so I insert a CD. As I said this gives me just the music. Could you or someone give me an idiots list so that i can sleep peacefully in my bed tonight, I hate these nightmares …

Try this. Unmount the bin file, mount the cue, explore the virtual drive and see what files are listed. You should be able to extract them to your hard drive. You don’t want to play it, you want to explore it.

Unmount the bin file, mount the cue, explore the virtual drive and see what files are listed. You should be able to extract them to your hard drive. You don’t want to play it, you want to explore it.

I told you you were dealing with a dunce… now I understand that I have to eject (unmount) the bin file…do you mean get rid of it ?

Then insert the cue…I think that is the file that has the words on it… insert it where?

I have no idea what you mean by explore the virtual drive

As they are already on my hard drive how do I extract to what i already have.?

There was a time years ago when I was able to make my own webpages and maintain them on the server. I was able to sustain a small living from compiling webpages for others too. I could troubleshoot all the usual win98 and XP problems and solve nearly all of them. So this is really hard for me to admit that my memory is going and that I need help on so small a thing as converting files. So I must apologise for being so dense. If only I had a choice.

O.K. Click the link below for a step-by-step (with pictures):

Thank you, so far so good. I was able to follow the instructions. I picked out just one file from my collection and converted it.
I now have a cd music file on one of my drives. I was able to play the music through WMP. Now all I have to do is to add the lyrics to it and save it to a disk. Will this be as easy to do as this last lesson ?

Keine Ahnung :slight_smile: I really don’t know, but be patient and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Try this.

:slight_smile: Well folks, it seems that i have got somewhere to getting my karaoke downloads converted to bin files, and with the help of Whoppo I was able to get them just a little further. Unfortunately I seem to be wasting everyones time by my failing to understand what I have to do. I get so far then its a brick wall. So thank you all for the help you have given me so far. My next question is the cowards way out really…Is there anyone that would be willing to convert all 3,600 downloads so that i can play them on my Karaoke Player ? I can supply whatever discs are needed, and I will of course pay that someone to do the job. (Providing it doesnt cost an arm and a leg, I’ve only got two of each :rolleyes: ) This is a cop out I know but I think its the sensible way out. Failing all this I will just have to revert to singing along with Terry Wogan on Radio 2 :sad: