Converting Italian to English

I have an Avi File that is dubbed in Italian. There are no Subtitles…Is there any way I can convert the dubbed in language from Italian to English???Or is there a program that will insert Subtitles in English??Thanks for any Help…Joey

If you had an English audio stream you could mux it into the AVI with VirtualDub. If you don’t have the English audio stream then there is no way you are going to convert an Italian audio stream to English, short of reading into a mic to make your own English audio stream, lol.

English subtitles are a possibility but if the file was originally intended to be in English and it is now dubbed over in Italian, it is unlikely that you will find English subtitles anywhere. You could make your own manually but it is a lot of work. This is the format:

00:00:05,172 --> 00:00:06,548
You say something to my boy?

00:00:07,633 --> 00:00:10,260

  • I need to talk to you.
  • You speak english?

00:00:10,344 --> 00:00:14,765
My husband doesn’t know. He has a bad temper. I need your help.

00:00:15,098 --> 00:00:16,058
Where are you?

00:00:16,350 --> 00:00:17,226
Where are you?

00:00:17,559 --> 00:00:18,227
Where are you?

00:00:49,258 --> 00:00:50,259
Hell of a book.

Save it as an .srt file and make sure it is in the same folder as your AVI file and named the same as your AVI file. For example, if your AVI file is named Clip.avi then your subtitle file would be named

There are some subtitle utilities out there but none of them are just going to magically create a set of subtitles for you without a lot of your own input (work).

Thanks you for your very enlightening comments, but it seems too hard for me to convert this movie to English…I will keep searching for a copy that has possibly come out in English…Thanks again for all your help…joey