Converting .ISO or .AVI files to .WAV or similar? What software would one use?


Hoping somebody out there can help.

I have ripped the .ISO Files off a DVD and can convert them to .AVI or .MPEG files but cannot find any freeware which will allow me to convert the files to .WAV or similar audio files so I can burn the songs to a disc. Is something available???

My daughter and I love all the old musical’s & Elvis movies etc and love the music on them, most of it was never released onto vinyl let alone CD so I am trying to copy them.

Is this at all possible or am I flogging a dead horse?? :confused:

Any help would be great ,
Thanks and all the best,
Miss Muffin.


Welcome to the forum , Miss Muffin.

There are plenty of ways to rip out the audio stream from DVDs. Here’s a useful link that covers DVD ripping & converting using mainly freeware software. Once ripped out you’ll probably need to convert it to wav or similar & websites like Afterdawn & Doom9 provide apps & guides that might be useful. Also as chef has pointed out.

There’s nothing that’ll extract just the songs so you’ll need to do a lot of editing.

Hope this is useful.