Converting into DVD format

Hi all

First of all a big hello to all the members and sorry if i am posting this in the wrong forum.

I am noob with these medias and don’t know much more than how to burn or read a CD/DVD. What i want to know is that i have some movies in avi or mpeg formats which play on my PC. But what if i want to play them on my DVD player. What is the process to make them readable in DVD. AS i said i am a noob and havent done this before so please give more clear suggestions

I appreciate ur help


try a free trial of ConvertXtoDVD. There are other free programs that do the same thing

just that
i didnt know it was that easy and i hope its clear enough for novices like me

ConvertXtoDVD is Very EZ to learn. Trial version does have a watermark so try with DVD RW. Note converting does take some time.

There will be a new Version of ConvertXtoDVD coming out very soon, it just about out of beta now and it will be called ConvertXtoDVD3, from VSO, great program.:iagree: