Converting Internal BluRay to External

I know this can be done, and its pretty simple and cheap. Since my case picks up tons of dust and cat hair…and has killed 2 or 3 lite-on dvd rw drives in the past I was thinking of converting my new bluray internal into an external.

I have a very nice 56inch 1080p tv and a brand new samsung bluray player. I do NOT plan on watching any bluray on my PC.

My question is…would I be decreasing the bluray preformance at all by moving the drive from internal to external usb 2.0 ?


This is what you want:

Vantec NST-530SU

USB2 for now, eSATA in the future. Best enclosure on the market.

Available from NewEgg here in the states:

Also read:

Thanks! … I searched the forums but wanted a specific bluray answer. Hope I didint bring up an already long dead topic.