Converting home movie dvd

Problem is a little hard to describe. I am using DVDFab Platinum to convert a dvd made from a home movie. Used Adobe Premier Elements 1.0 to create the dvd from the avi files from a camcorder. I have converted many commercial dvds without a problem. I am trying to convert them to avi(h.264+mp3). When I convert the movies that I have made with Adobe the video is fine but the sound is garbled. It has a modulated sound that is hard to describe but jerky might be close. It is not just bad - it is undecipherable.

Any ideas?



Have you preveiwed the file created with Adobe before using DVDFab ?
How is the sound on it ?

Is it trying to resample it from 48Khz to 44Khz? Home Movies aren’t encrypted, so DVD Fab is overkill. You might try AVIDeMux, which can use LAME and AVC to encode.

The sound on the file created with Adobe is fine. At least after I burn it onto a dvd. olyteddy may be right about the sampling. It sounds like it is sampled at a rate that is not synchronous with the original. I will try a different converter.