Converting home made burned dvd's to ipod

I have a movie that i burned from the tv with my dvd recorder. I would like to convert it with my dvd fab mobile, to my ipod. Dvd Fab does not recognize this movie. How do I get it to recognize it.

Thanks in advance.
Lisa Bee!

Hi Lisa Bee
Two suggestions:

  1. Put the disc back in the recorder where you made it and tell the machine to finalize or close the disc (if you have not already). Many home recorders won’t close a disc to make it readable on other DVD drives unless you tell it to do so. If it is already finalized, it should pop up a box to tell you.
  2. In DVDFab Common Settings->PathPlayer, set PathPlayer to “Disable”, it may read the disc better. Don’t forget to set it back to “Always Enable” when you’re done. Hope some of this works. Discs from some standalone recorders are hard to read due to unusual structure and authoring.

If you don’t want to make any changes in the disc, it may copy just using windows explorer. If windows cannot see the VIDEO_TS folder and the VOB files inside it, it is a good sign that the disc was not finalized.