Converting High Definition Video from MiniDV to DVD

Does anyone know how to convert footage captured to a MiniDV on a High Definition camera (Sony HDR-HC7) to a High Definition file on a DVD? I basically don’t want to loose the quality when putting it on a DVD.

You just need software that has support for HDTV. There are quite of few out there. You might want to read the review at the top of this thread concerning a Ulead Movie Factory 5 review. There is Ulead Studio 10, and I’m pretty sure that the new versions of Adobe Premiere Elements, and Vegas Movie Studio either have support for HD, or they have a download or patch to handle it. With your HD format, if you encode, instead of a bitrate of 8000-9000, you want 12000 - 15000 for your bitrate.

It also depends on if you just want a simple transfer, or if you want editing, motion menu’s, transitions.

Thanks heaps harley2ride, I am looking to edit and create menu’s as well. I am liking the sound of Adobe Premiere Elements although a review of it did say this:
“You’ll still have to output to standard-definition DVD, though—there’s no HD DVD or Blu-ray support yet.”

So does this mean I could still get HD quality on a standard-def DVD (4.7gb)?

This is from the ADOBE web site for Premiere 3.0. I do believe that the HDV they are talking about is High Definition Video. You can search their support/faq site and see if it supports bitrates between 12000 and 15000.

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Unless one has a method to make (and read) an HD media (BluRay, HDDVD, etc.) is there much point to creating the file on a PC ? Few folks have a BluRay or HDDVD Burner or ? I guess if you wanted to let it sit on a Hard Drive, and send it to your TV via a composite or HDMI cable that would work too. :slight_smile:

I guess you can burn HDV to a 4.7gb DVD however the amount you can fit may be limited. Alternatively you can span it over a number of DVD’s, but that would involve anoying disc changes when viewing. Give it a year to 18 months and I bet blu-ray (because it’s going to win :stuck_out_tongue: ) will be as cheap as DVD more or less…