Converting help




I have a AVI file in my pc and I want to put it onto a DVD.

I normally convert it to mpeg 2 with MGI Videowave.

The quality on a VCD is okay, but I was wondering how I would make the file to put it on the DVD, so it will look like a DVD film with pinsharp quality.

So is that how they convert films to MPEG? Or is another compression needed, and any new software.

If anyone can help with what to do or a name or some software, then please could you help as I’m new to DVD burning.




Right - firstly you are not going to be able to get pin sharp quality video from a VCD, let alone SVCD or CVD. You will need to take your avi file and convert it to mpeg2 using TMPGEnc. Thentake your mpeg2 file and convert it to DVD format using TMPGEnc DVD Author. Then burn as data inside a VIDEO_TS folder. Should take about 8 hours or so.