Converting HDTV to DVD



Hello … this is my first venture into these forums. I have Fusion HDTV on my computer and have copied some TV programs onto my hard disc. Now I need some softward to convert the saved mpeg2’s so I can burn the programs to a DVD. Suggestions, please?


Wrong forum, most likely. Should be in Video…

Check the toolslist:

I doubt that all the stuff you have recorded is HDTV anyway. mpeg2 CAN BE HDTV, but normally it’s just SDTV, even down from 352x244… and upwards.


thanks for your reply, chef. Yes, even though the program is HD, it is only saved in analog on my computer. I will go to the forum you suggested. sammidog


Ehrm, not really. All the data saved on your hdd/computer is in digital form, but it could come from an analogue source. Most unlikely when the source were HDTV, because DVB-T HDTV is very rarely available yet (AFAIK).

But check out the tools section - there are a bunch of tools to deal with HD content.


Chef, I went to the tools site you recommended but there’s so much stuff there, I don’t know where to start. Can you recommend a simple one that converts the mpeg2 files so I can burn to DVD? You sound pretty cluey!


More specific:

Check out AutoGK, hdtvTOmpeg and hdtv2dvd. TSConverter, AviSynth/avi2dvd and ProjectX.