Converting from Video Cassette to DVD



Hi all :slight_smile:
Have got a bunch of video cassettes … yeah all personal stuff … marriage, kids birthdays, etc., that I wanted to move from the VHS format to DVD.

Now, I know there are guy who would do it for me for a couple of bucks, but:

  1. I want to learn to do it myself.
  2. There are portions in it that are crap (shaken pictures, pictures of the floor, etc) that I want to remove!

Now, what I’ve got are:

  1. A decent PC (Core2Duo), WinXP Pro, DVD R/W
  2. A DVD Recorder/Player (no, not the PC one, you know the Philips DVDR 615)

Well, what I did was I connected my VCP to the DVDR (philips) and played on the former and recorded on to the latter.

I then got movie on to the DVD :slight_smile: :clap:

Now, my problem starts! How do I remove unwanted portions form the VOB file on the DVD?
I copied the entire DVD on to my PC … and yeah with some VOB splitter cut of the unwanted portions. … but will this work :doh: If I remove it that way, and put back the VOB files into the proper place and then copy all the folders back on to the DVD, will things work correctly … I mean, the titles, chapters … whatever?

On some occassions, I did not copy the entire DVD to hard disk … just the vob files … can I edit them and create a DVD of it?

Can some one point me in the right and maybe best freeware direction to get what I need accomplished?

PS. I have downloaded the software DVDFlick if thats of any use!

Thanks so much in advance … and Cheers!


Shortest route will be to use a good DVD authoring tool, like TMPGEnc-Author. You simply import the entire DVD and edit out what you don’t want, then create a new DVD and burn it. You can also create a new menu if you want, add multiple titles, etc.

Most any authoring tool will have some kind of editing capability, but many will re-encode the video which is slow and causes loss of quality. TMPGEnc-Author will not re-encode DVD-compliant video.


Theres also some software called Mpeg Video Wizard which i’m pretty sure lets you edit vob files. The software is very user friendly and easy to use.
I’m pretty sure they do a free trial so you can test it out.
Give it a try


dvdshrink is perfect for this and its free. Also vobblanker is good (keeps menus) also free.