Converting from Sony camcorder to CD



i Want to convert my Video cassettes i recorded on my sony TRV 480E camcorder.
i have a PC at my home (P4 2ghz 512mb ram) how should i go about.
i have a pinnacle Studio. but it crashes each time the recording starts… (later i found out that it needs a PINNACLE card which i dont have).
Do we have any other GOOD Software…


You might have to use some kind of audio video converting
software. I know you can record the footage to your hard drive,
and if you have real player downloaded you can buy their primium
service which will allow you to record the footage by dragging it
to real player and,recording to either a vcd or dvd depending on
how much time. Most cd’s hold only 80minutes.
Anyway maybe some of the guy’s in the forum have other ideas.
Enjoy ZAP.


Your camcorder should have come with Image Mixer software to do the job.