Converting from PAL to Region 1 DVD


I’ve been using CloneDVD and AnyDVD for the past 10 months and they work great on any DVD I throw at them, until now. One of my pen pals in England sent me a DVD, but it is in PAL format and I’m able to make a perfect copy of it, but I still can’t play it on my stand alone DVD player. I can only play it on my computer. Is there any way to convert a PAL DVD to NTSC or Region 1?

i believe dvdsanta is what you need, never used it tho.

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It might be easier to check if your equiptment will recognise PAL format first. I can’t say what it is like where you are but almost all over here in the UK now are multiformat. It should be in the menus of both the TV and DVD. What models are they? Check out to see if there is a multi-region hack for your player.

These options are the easy ones first. Converting PAL to NTSC guides are also avaialble on that site.

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I will check into it. Is that program known for converting PAL to NTSC?

Thanks for the info. I live in Arizona (east of California), and so about 99.99% of all dvd players available for sale at the stores are made to play Region 1 (NTSC) only. The multi region dvd players are hard to find and extremely expensive around here. That’s why I was hoping to find some way of converting the disc itself into a usable format for dvds around here.

There is a difference between multiformat (PAL, NTSC, Segem etc) and multiregion. Check out the link I gave you and go to the section on DVD hacks and see if there is a multiregion hack for your player, these can change a player locked to one region to multiregion.

I thought clone removed the region coding. Maybe I was thinking of DVDshrink.

both will create region-free copies…

the original poster is correct in assuming his problem is with the FORMAT.

from what I hear, over on your side of the pond, once you get past the region lock, most PAL players will also play NTSC. This is not the case here in the US. some players will give a “no disc” or “error” or even “wrong region” error (even though the disc is region free and it’s the format that’s incorrect)

unfortunately, that bad news for the original poster is that there’s no way to make a GOOD backup while converting formats.

give dvdsanta a shot and see if it’s acceptable for you.

if you own a lot of PAL discs it might be more time and cost effective to look into getting a multi-format player imported…

How do you get CloneDVD to make a region free copy?

Okay, I will look at it and see if I can figure out how to do that with my Sony dvd player.

it does automatically. the discs will be region 0 (aka region free)

in fact, i don’t know of any software programs that puts a region lock on the discs.

That’s probably what I will have to end up doing. Why do they have all of these regions and formats and different dvd players anyways? It doesn’t make any sense. Nothing’s made here in the U.S. anyways, so why not standardize it so that a player made by Sony in China can play any DVD in America or in England equally well?

Slight confusion here - the region code is just a flag set on the DVD - AnyDVD removes this for you. However PAL to NTSC is a totally different ball game - you are converting video standards. DVD Santa will do this, but some people report that it can take a bit of time to get a good result. The best way is to use a multistandard DVD player and TV - use people over in Europe are fairly lucky that most equipment will play PAL and NTSC - but most equipment sold in the US is locked to NTSC only… However your DVD player may be able to be unlocked, but your TV would still have to be able to play PAL as well!!

Basically is come down to money - so the film studies can control when movies are released in different regions!!


haha abrown beat me to it!

And it takes a fast hand to beat you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha that’s because i starting to type an explanation of the benefit of developing separate standards for separate regions in terms of controlling release dates and dsitribution area, then i opted for the simple explanation “$$$$”

Oh the dreaded format conversion. That’s a whole new ball game with the frame rate differences between PAL and NTSC. It would be too much to go into the whole thing here. They have some realy good tutorials on how to do that on videohelp.

reason, there’s no need to get past the region lock, the format choice is in the menus on a number of models and not just the expensive ones. I have mine set to multi, so it will recognise whatever I throw at it, including Segem(?).

SECAM? The damn French again!!

Out of curiosity,… why does my computer play PAL and NTSC DVDs perfectly well?

It looks like I would have to replace my television set and either unlock my DVD player or replace it just to be able to see this PAL DVD on the big screen. It’s not worth it. I guess I’ll just have to settle for watching English DVDs on my computer and let it go at that.

I’ve tried all kinds of DVD copying software, from Nero, DVD Shrink, 1-Click, etc., and they all had serious flaws and I was just about to give up on the idea of copying DVDs until I stumbled upon CloneDVD. It works on everything-- it even worked on this, except that it didn’t convert it into NTSC. I’m going to give DVDSanta a try just to see if it works. I’ll let you know what happens.