Converting from Mpeg1 to dvd format vids

How can I convert my Mpeg 1 to dvd format videos. I tried a number of dvd softwares but all of them tells me that error.What should i do.
Thanks in advance!

The file could be corrupted. Run it through vcdgear to see if it needs repairing. The program i use to convert mpg to dvd is svcd2dvd. It’s not free though there is a demo you can try. I’ve found it to be more than worth the money.

I have found that flask mpeg converter will do things other converters wont. For me, flask mpeg has been very forgiving with files that don’t run properly or do not use popular codecs. Also it is free. The downside is, it is slow and if you don’t get the settings right (menus are a little complicated) the end result is not playable.

If you learn to use flask mpeg you will learn a lot about mpeg and vob files.

I’ve been using a program from cyberlink called powerproducer gold. It came free with a capture card and is an older version, but works well for me this type of thing. It’s kinda time consuming to actually convert the media but gives you a nice dvd ready directory.

Downside, have yet to get it to do the same with .avi’s.

Also, you may wish to look into a program called dvdsanta

Good luck…:slight_smile:

Hey thanks, BTW could you please teach me how to use this dvdsanta?


never used it…not compat with my rig…but heard it gets good reviews. Sorry for the no…but best way to learn is tinker…hands on, a search here may help you