Converting FLV programs?

Hi - I want to convert web based (You Tube) FLV files to straight audio MP3 files. I tried web based Vixy - the end product is fine but it’s painfully slow. I don’t mind paying either if there are no good freebies around. Thank you! Deca

Google is your friend, I think Tube Hunter Pro may do that.:iagree:

Try “IVC”. It’s free and works pretty well

Hi Wobble - Thank you!!! My best! D

Hi - I’m not having much luck with some free programs I’ve tried the past few days, I hope someone can help me. Hopefully I can get this with one program ~ First - I want to convert FLV (from You Tube) to straight audio files (WMA or MP3) - so it would need to be capable of handling this by copying & pasting the URL from You Tube. Secondly - I want to convert my I Tunes M4P files to straight WMA or MP3 files. I really don’t mind paying - if it works & works [I]easily[/I]!!! Any advice? Thanks soo much, Deca :bow:

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I use VideoGet. It has all the options you mentioned, and more. Very fast, too.