Converting Finished Cover to Jpeg

I just received a file from a friend labelled DISC FINAL LBEL. I’ve got a version of Nero (2.3.04) and I can’t find anyway to save this file as Jpeg or anything else. I understand from the HELp file I should convert it to a Nero Digital File, but on the FILE drop down there is no option to EXPORT TO NERO DIGITAL. Does anyone have any idea how I should proceed? Thanks in advance.

Hi and Welcome!

ask your friend what software he has used to create that file and how to handle it.
It might be either imported into Nero Cover Designer or it is some graphics. Then try IrfanView or XNView, both are great free image converters.


I tried both and neither can read the file extension .ncd

The file was created with Nero Cover designer.

There must be a simple way to get the file jpeged.