Converting Files

Im new to this Download thing. Im not really knowledgeable on how to do this but last night I downloaded GTA ViceCity and the Files came in 2 parts.

There were 2 MDF Files called GTAVCInstall, and GTAVCGame.

and there were 2 MDS Files called GTAVCInstall and GTAVCGame.

How do I convert those over to working format ie. Bin/Cue files.

If anyone can post a good link I would greatly appriacte it or a step by step detail.

                                                 Thank you (WhiteRavenHacker)

Dude!!! You posted about this last night and claimed your friend gave it to you…now you download it? I can assure you a mod/admin DELETED your last thread for a reason! :rolleyes:

Those Warez guys are getting clever if they are now offering MDS and MDF files. I wonder which forums they are reading.

it’s cuz of ppl like this that i advised keeping locked threads instead of immediately removing them. they just don’t get it. :cop:

Maybe you should try buying the game?
some people are just stupid

You obviously avoided reading the rules of this site :cop: