Converting files using DVD flick

Hello, I am attempting to convert Mp4 files to DVD, however when I burned Mp4 files using DVD flick my DVD player told me that it couldn’t read the disk. There was nothing wrong with the DVD player or the disk, so the only thing I can come up with is that the program does not automatically convert files. If it doesn’t, could someone please tell me how to make it do so, and if not that could someone please recommend different software? (I need something free and preferably without watermark.) Thank you :slight_smile:

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DVDFlick should be able to convert mp4 files to dvd video for you. Are you certain that you have the program set for the correct type of dvd video that you need? The two main types are PAL and NTSC formats.

In the US, and the rest of North America, we use NTSC format for dvd video. PAL is used in most of the rest of the world.

I personally prefer a free program called AVStoDVD. I’ve written a guide for it here:

I don’t use DVDFlick very often anymore & I go with Kerry’ recommendation of AVStoDVD.
That being said I haven’t ran into a problem with DVDFlick converting a .mp4 to DVD compliant format .
.mp4 is a container so if it was made with an odd codec configuration any conversion software might have a problem .
What type file extensions do you see when you open the DVD in Windows Explorer ?

It’s been a few years since I used DVD FLICK, and I’m not sure if I can use that to burn directly-to-disc. I thought not. I thought it created a set of DVD files, and I’d burn those as a Video-DVD (creating the necessary VIDEO_TS subfolder and perhaps the emply but standard AUDIO_TS subfolder). So, like Cholla, I am wondering if this is a Burning Methodology instead of a file-set-creation issue.

DVDFlick uses ImgBurn as its’ burning engine.
This can be selected to burn automatically from DVDFlick.
Or it’s supposed to . I’ve never used it that way.
I always prefer to have the files written to my OS & then burn.

I asked for the file extensions becaue I wanted to verify that DVD compliant folders & files had been created . Or at least appeared to be.