Converting files into an iso? (.cue, .bin, .mdf, .mds)

Hmm, i think i posted in the wrong area earlier… i’m going to copy it to here.


A long time ago i backed up all my sims 2 files on my portable harddrive. The PC that the original was stored on died and in the meantime i grew bored of sims, grew up, moved away from home and got a laptop. When i came to uni i though i had bought all my sims games with me, and decided yesterday I wanted to play, but actually i left the nightlife discs at home but bought the case and booklet facepalm.

I ran up maxis and they will replace it at a charge, but I don’t want to do that because i already paid £20 for the game and I don’t want to wait (i need to mail my box ect to them first) and my brother can’t find them to mail them to me which is annoying.

In my external hard drive i managed to find the original file, my housemate had a bit of a play with it, and reading advice on the internet managed to locate the bits we thought i would need. On advice I downloaded Virtual clone drive, and it was simple to use (i’m a tecno-phobe who has never done this before!) The .bin file keeps failing, (i.e. i mounted it and it goes to autorun but nothing shows up past that point so i can’t install it) so i want to try with the .mdf file in the folder (you have no idea how much i have learned in the past 24 hours!) but i don’t think VCD supports it?

Basically i’m in need of idiot proof instructions on how to do it, hopefully with freeware if i need more software? ( i am a student after all! ;))

I tried the advice here in links above, but it didn’t work. The file already had a cue file.

So there is a cue file in the folder (default opener is VCL media player for some reason…) a mds file, a mdf file and a bin file. What should i do? I really am clueless at this. I’m searching everywhere for a solution :sad:

Also, i’m running Vista 32bit.

Thankyou for any help you can give!


Vista eh? Better try the setup in xp compatibility mode

Thank you for your help, do you know how i do that?
(and which bit? I don’t think i have xp compatibility?!)

Right click on file and choose Run in XP Compatibility mode

Hmm, i don’t have that…

I decided instead to treat it like a torrented file, and get deamon tools and follow the advice given and it seems to be working so far!

Thank you so much to both of you for your help. It really is appreciated! :slight_smile: