Converting files from MPEG to AVI

Hi, I’m Keith in Atlanta, Georgia. I have discovered the movie-making hobby using Windows moviemaker. The first few movies I made and converted to DVD will only play on one specific DVD player. I made copies of them for several friends, and no one can play them . I want to convert the finished DVDs back to AVI to re-work them through windows Moviemaker and try again. What program would you recommend for this? Is there a program that is pretty idiot-proof, that can convert MPEG files to AVI or other formats? Then maybe convert AVI back to MPEG? Thanks.

It probably doesn’t have anything to do with WMM but rather your choice of blank DVD’s and maybe your burning program. Instead of doing all this converting/reconverting, why not just copy the movie you have now from a DVD onto your hard drive and try a different brand of media and/or burning program.

Did you burn avi or .wmv movie clips on to a DVD disc?..WMM does [I]not[/I] convert to DVD…Are your friends trying to play the DVDs(avi, wmv clips) on set top players?..If you want to convert from avi or mpg to DVD try something like AVStoDVD, DVDFlick,ConvertxtoDVD, or FAVC…Not WMM…

Thanks for the advice…I’m pretty new to all this, and am not educated enough on all the aspects involved. I have tried re-burning the DVD’s back to my hard drive, but it always seems to get held up somewhere and can’t complete the burn. Can you recommend a good burning program? I have DVD shrink, and nero, but I will get any that might work better for my needs. Thanks.

Double posts, don’t you hate when that happens?..

What do you mean, "[B]re-burning the DVD’s back to my hard drive[/B]"
You mean copy back to HDD, right?..Start over and take it one step at a time…What do you need to accomplish? What is the goal?..

One solution I thought might be worth trying is to copy the DVD’s back to my hard drive so I could run them through my Windows Moviemaker program again, then convert them back to a format that will burn back to a DVD. My windows moviemaker program is working fine now, and any movies I make and burn to DVD now play just fine on any DVD player. It is just the first 3 or 4 movies I made that will not play on any DVD player (not even my computer) all the way…they keep freezing up.
I have another reason for wanting to know about these format conversions: I have transferred several old home movies onto DVD’s, and I wanted to convert them into a format I can run back through Windows Moviemaker also, so I can edit them and add narration. I am clueless as to how I can do this. Someone at a customer service desk suggested the conversion from MPEG to AVI…but I am willing try anything you suggest.

There are better methods to edit your home movie DVDs (mpeg2) than having to [I]convert [/I]them to avi…I don’t use WMM, b/c it’s too buggy of an app(IMO)… Don’t convert to avi, just use an mpeg1/mpeg2 editing app (e.g. Avidemux, VideRedo etc…Everytime you convert from one [I]format/I to another(avi) you [I]will[/I] lose more quality in the process…
For instance, you could extract the Vobs from your DVDs with Vob2mpg and it will create a single .mpg file w/o re-encoding the video…There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and WMM is [I][B]not[/B][/I] one that [B]I [/B]use…
To each their own!..:smiley:

you seem to understand what I’m trying to do, and I really appreciate your advice…if you don’t use WMM, what do you use as a program to make and edit your movies? And for the uninitiated (me), which program would you recommend? (vidredo, etc)? thanks, Keith

I am having another issue I was hoping someone could explain a solution for: When I download my home videos from my video recorder and edit them through WMM (Windows MovieMaker), the “movie” doesn’t play in the right speed. It is almost playing in fast motion. Any ideas?