Converting DVR-109 back to A09

How do I do this? I’ve tried but now I’m stuck with DVR-109. I have a A09 drive. Thanks.

DvrUpdate + A09 fw 1.40.


I tried that but it still shows DVR-109 :sad:

Sorry, what I mean is that under device manager, my retail A09 is now identified as DVR-109…i need to get it back to A09.

They all show as DVR-109. To be sure you are back to A09XL try the quiet drive utility.

Hehe I wonder why you try cross flashing to the OEM when you have “La creme de la creme” hehe :cool:

Yes. Thanks everyone. I’m back to A09.

I was playing around with the Buffalo 8.40 bitsetting firmware. Pity the official A09 firmware doesn’t support bitsetting for DVD+R.