Converting DVD's to Nero Digital

Hi, I’m new to Recode, so please have patience.

When converting Home made DVD movies to Nero Digital and then burning onto a blank DVD, are the menu’s and chapter points that you had in your original DVD still available and functional within the Nero Digital format, if that is what you so require - or do menus and chapters only apply to the DVD format?

I have read the manual but it doesn’t seem to mention this.

Any help appreciated.

Chapters work in NeroDigital format.

Menus don’t afaik.You can have multiple audio/subtitle tracks though, e.g. for directors commentary and so.

Thanks for your reply.

On page 29 of the Recode manual it says that:-

If you check the box ‘Keep all menus in original quality’, they will simply be copied and not recoded.

If you disable the check box you will be able to recode the files contained in the menus.

Isn’t the point of recode, to create a MPEG-4 file out of a DVD MPEG-2 file for instance.

How can you not Recode one bit like a menu.

Will the menus work in both instances e.g you select play movie and it plays or you select Chapters and you go to the Chapter menu?

Apologies for my ignorance!

Recode does 2 things:

Recode DVD (MPEG-2) to DVD (MPEG-2).

Recode DVD (MPEG-2) to NeroDigital (MPEG-4).

The latter can’t keep menus yet.