Converting DVDs ripped with DVD Decrypter to avi?



Hi, I am new to this board but you all come highly recommended from my pal Dean. Sorry I don’t have time right now to read all that’s probably been written on this question.

I copy DVDs using DVD Decrypter and am always satisfied with the results. I am now in need of some free software to convert these files (I think they are ISO) into avi files or divx or xvid… Something simple to use, doesn’t have to be professional, just for storing films on my hard drive.

Much obliged for some patient expertise you all are reputed for having.





In DVD Decrypter
You can set the Mode to File & you will have standard DVD format files .If that would help.


Thank you.

My question is, once I have ripped the file, how do I then convert that file into an avi?


Look at AutoGK to convert to xvid avi files. Or FairUse Wizard (FUW needs an ISO file, not dvd files to work from).
There are many other choices including Xvid4PSP, and Handbrake.

By the way, DVDDecrypter is not an effective decryption program for many newer movies. Since development was canceled, there have been quite a few new protection schemes implemented to prevent copying. You should probably use the free decryption section of DVDFab to rip to the hard drive in file format.
The free section is called DVDFab HD Decrypter, and it will continue to function even after the trial for the main part of DVDFab expires.


Much obliged dear sir.