Converting DVD+VR to DVD+RW



I just got a Lite0n LVW1105HC and have been using it to put a bunch of non-copywrited tapes to DVD. Unfortunately, I found that my main Toshiba DVD player will not play DVD+VR disks recorded in the extended mode (6 hours). I set out to determine how I might convert the VR disks to +RW disks. After much experimentation, I came up with this way that works every time.

  1. Use DVDcrypter (free on the internet) to write the files to the hard disk even thought there is no copy protection present.

  2. Use DVDfab Gold (use trial or buy on internet). In the Other Tools menu, have DVDfab gold select ‘Create Video Manager (Video_ts.ifo)’ and run on the hard disk files (even though an .ifo may be already present.)

  3. Use the burner in DVDfab gold or use CloneDVD, or possibly others) to burn the DVD+RW disk.

Use Google to search for the above programs.

It works every time for me.