Converting dvd to avi help

i have a old pc i want to use just for converting dvds to avi it only has 256 mb of ram so i need some software that is very light weight. the only other software it will have is a operating system. (win 2000) can you recommend any software that could do this? i can also change the os to xp if required or i could use linux? but i dont no anything about this system(linux) to keep my memory usage down. any help is greatly appreciated

I use DVDFab but I think you will need more Ram, Hdd space and a new OS

Hello welcome to the forum. Can you upgrade to at least 512 ram? I would also use XP instead of Win.2000 cause of stabililty issues. Also if you have at least 12gigs of free space then you should be good to go. By the age of your computer, it might use either PC133 or PC2100 ram which is fairly cheap at stores right now. Oh and I also use DVDFab, it is the best there is! JMO. Good Luck

thanks for the replys guys the motherboard allready has the max ram i will have a look at dvd fab thanks for the recommendation. i will try to get another mother board to upgrade to. all this is to free up my main pc thanks for the help