Converting dvd recordings to mp3

i have been recording tv and satellite broadcasts onto panasonic dvd-r discs using the panasonic dmres-10 recorder. :bigsmile:

i can play these discs on my pc, once they have been finalised.

sometimes i really like the music from videos, live performances or tv programmes. :clap:

can someone please advise the best way of converting these video files to mp3 or similar files so that i can make cd compilations of the music, without the video. :confused:

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

dvdtosvcd, keep the wav file, make it mp3.

thank you for your reply. i can see from the number of your posts that you are a senior and prolific member. :wink:

please can you expand on your answer as iā€™m quite new and uneducated on these matters. iā€™m not sure which software to use. a free software would be good. :slight_smile: