Converting DVD library to Apple Mac Mini storage



I’ve decided I’m tired of swapping out DVDs in the player. Therefore I’m converting all my DVDs to a digital library.

This is what I’m thinking and need your expertise.

  • Using an Apple Mac Mini with 3 - 1.5TB drives connected via USB 2.0
  • Converting and ripping DVDs using AnyDVD straight to the external HDs
  • Using Plex media software on the Mac Mini for management and playback
  • All DVDs are non-Blue Ray


  1. Is AnyDVD the right software to rip to an external HD i.e. loss of quality?
  2. Is Plex media ( the best media management and playback solution for the Apple?

It’s an easy process. I’m using my PC with AnyDVD to rip the DVDs. Then file transfer to the external HDs on the Mac Mini. Plex Media s/w does a great job managing the movies.

Thanks for any advice!!


The only part I can help with is AnyDVD. If you intend to do full rips, with no compression or removing extras, then the built-in ripper within AnyDVD will work just fine for this process.

There will be no loss of quality doing straight 1:1 rips with AnyDVD. The only thing you lose will be the copy protection/encryption put on the dvds to “prevent” copying.

If the size of the files was a problem, I’d suggest using DVDShrink in combination with AnyDVD to remove extra sound tracks, commentary, etc. You can set it to No Compression when doing this, but if you use ReAuthor mode in DVDShrink, you lose the menus. With 4.5tb of space this may not even be a consideration for you.