Converting DVD: IFO can't be parsed



I’m with a crew that records a monthly program to run on our local cable system’s public access channel. A few months ago, they switched from recording on tape to recording straight to a standalone DVD burner box.

We can play the DVD just fine, but I have been trying to find a program that I can use to digitally convert the DVD audio and video into a format that I can import into my video editor for post-production editing. But no luck so far. I have tried a number of popular DVD rip/convert programs, such as 1Clickdvd ripper, dvdsmart ripper, super dvd ripper, DUP-DVD, and others.

Every one of them gives the same error: unable to parse IFO file.

What’s with this? Any ideas on how to get around the problem? Got a better conversion program I could try?


George Marshall



Check out this link. It may be of use to you…;14#638

The guide uses DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to your hard drive. You didn’t indicate if you already tried this one so it may still be an option…