Converting DVD files to mpg or avi

I’m trying to take a section from a DVD I made and convert it to an mpg or avi. I would also like to be able to lower the resolution and file size to provide faster downloads.

What is the best software to do this with? Thank you.

The best solution in my opinion is to perform each step yourself with the specific tool for the job, i.e. DVD Decrypter to rip the source, DGMPGDec to decode, an AviSynth script to de-interlace, crop, resize and apply any other filters you might care to use, HeadAC3he to encode the audio, VirtualDub to encode the video etc. If you prefer you can use a package like Gordian Knot which bundles all the necessary applications together and opens them from a frontend which makes things a bit simpler. AutoGK is easier still, it uses the same applications but performs the whole process in once click, of course you lose a lot of control over the process by doing this and your final results may not be as good. Also AutoGK contains spyware.

Do it free :):slight_smile:

Vidomi is much the same idea as Gordian Knot/AutoGK but hasn’t been updated now in almost three years and even back then it was still fairly work in progress. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Also SmartRipper has been updated since 2001.

try simpledivx…its free…takes a bit long time…but excellent results…easy operation…and all the mojor options…can rip directly from dvd…

Here’s a simple and free method to create an AVI (in any codec):
After that you can do anything you want with the AVI.
If you just want to extract the MPEG from the VOB’s without any re-encoding you can use Ulead MovieFactory.