Converting DTS dvd to ac3

i bought the EAgles farewell concert and its really good. But unfortunately my amp doesnt support dts. Is there a program i can download which can convert he dts multi channels audio file into a ac3 dolby digital file and stil sync with the video file.

can you plse recomend the easiest way to do this


For DD encoding you need an licensed product…

This DVD only has: DTS 5.1 Surround- + L-PCM Stereo-Sound

Here are some guides:

This sounds unusual - Doesn’t the DVD specifications require that you have at least one AC3 track when a DTS is present ? Or is it either AC3 or LPCM.

You can extract the LPCM track using VOBEDIT and use that instead, it is the uncompressed, best quality you can have - You can use many of the free AC3 encoders out there but they may not be 100% compliant and cause some problems.

Yes, I thought the same… Today everyone is bending anything.