Converting divx to dvdr




I am new to the board and so am putting up a request here. I am getting good at ripping dvds etc and have a DIVX file I want to burn to a DvD. I have followed the guide and have installed all the software, codecs DvD2svcd etc. BUT there are two problems.
One the options on the MISC tab on DvD2svcd are greyed out and not accessible. I can untick dont delete files but the other two options are greyed out and also the Cinema Craft Encoder crashes as soon as it opens and trys to act on the file. Any thoughts anyone?
Many thanks!


Hi there, and welcome to our forums!

About the Misc tab:
These options are only accessible, when other settings are set properly, or a certain type of input file is loaded. When setting “Input file type” to AVI, the third option is activated. I somehow assume that the second option only is activated when a MS DV file is loaded, and/or the Canopus codec is installed.

About CCE crashing:
This can be due to various problems. At first, you can have a software problem (if you have an AMD system, did you tick the “Add resampleaudio” in the Frameserver tab?), a problem with the input file (corrupted, or wrong AVI container) or maybe even a hardware problem, as CCE really stressed your CPU and memory.
To make sure it’s not a hardware problem, you can use Prime95 (use the Torture tests) to see if your system is capable of stressing.

Good luck and report back if you found out anything :wink: