Converting Digital movies from DVD to Mp4



This may be the wrong place to ask but am wondering something. Several of my DVD’s came with a digital copy of the main movie, for example Harry Potter and the order of the Phonix, in WMV format. What Im wondering is if there is any software out there that I can use to convert them to MP4 files so I can play them on my Sandisk player?

I know I can rip the movie from the DVD and then create an mp4 but seems like a simple convert would eliminate a cpl steps


Do the .wmv files have some sort of copy protection on them? If so, do you know how to remove it?

I don’t see that it would be any easier to go from .wmv to mp4 than going from mpeg2 found in dvds personally. The mpeg2 is also a “digital” copy you know.

You can use Xvid4PSP to convert .wmv to mp4. I believe MeGUI would also work.


Yes they do have some sort of protection. If I right click the WMV and go to the License tab it says “Protected Content”. Unfortunatly I have no idea how one removes it.


Then it sounds much easier to go from the dvd-format version. From your first post it seems like you know how to do this, but if you want suggestions on programs let us know.